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SRT-LAB Research Studies
SRT-LAB Humanoid Robot Hand Concept
SRT-LAB Dexterous Robot Hand Design

The SRT-LAB is presenting a breakthrough technology for dexterous robots

We are focusing on the development of a strong robotic hand and arm to enable our customers to use a work force equal to a human adult.

We know of dexterous robotic hands made by leading institutions. But all these robotic hands are very weak and are not made for long-term use. To say it in a simple sentence: No robotic hand is able to fit the requirements of everyday use and industrial work today.

This was the reason for the start of the research and development of the SRT-LAB. It is our aim to create the first dexterous and at the same time powerful and durable robotic hand for industrial use. Since December 2006 we are able to present a finger module with a fingertip force > 5 kg (11 lb).

We are sure that a robust dexterous robotic hand will open the market for hundreds of new applications.

Dexterous robotic hands will change the world for everyone. It is the missing link between computers and the real world. And it gives our hands the chance to do teleoperational work thousands or millions of miles away.


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